Thank you for visiting "The Electric Earth".  Michael Csuzdi, P.Eng, devoted a great deal of his life in private research studying weather and geophysical phenomena.  He applied electrical engineering theory to explain super nova storms; cyclones and anticyclones; earth currents, geomagnetic fields and their reversal; and finally displacement of the continents.  

These physical phenomena he concluded were all based on the well observed flow of electrons from the earth’s molten magma core out to space. This thermionic emission he fully modeled with the well established equations related to electrostatic charge and vacuum tube technology.  He concluded it is the immense volume of the earth’s combined oceans and continents that makes these small electrical forces of nature grow exponentially into the force of nature of our planet.  In later years he applied the same mathematical modeling to explain the continental positions on the earth’s moon and the planet Mars based on observed data of the time.  

His body of work based on thermionic emission is best understood by the pure physics community rather than the geophysics community that has consistently applied mechanically oriented explanations to observations on Earth.  This has limited it’s understanding and acceptance.  This need not be the case as the concepts and equations are straight forward and easily understood with an open scientific mind.

You have entered this web page based on a key word search that is tied to a subject and explained by Michael Csuzdi’s theories.  It is hoped that the following chapter taken from this published work will spark interest in the proposed explanation and drive curiosity in reading the complete document.  Only then can the wholeness of his thermionic emission theory be fully realized as complete and scientifically accurate.   

The goal of this website is to drive further independent review and scientific debate on the theories proposed by Michael Csuzdi.  If they can be corroborated then the potential for better weather prediction, earthquake prediction and an unlimited source of clean energy harvesting could be realized.   

Please feel free to share any of these documents and links with others as you see fit.  The more review and dialogue the better.